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Financial Process Consulting in Practice

Before the optimization of processes can commence the Detaco process consultants will first make a sketch of the current procedure. Only then the work can start on reaching the desired result by going through a series of steps. In several discussions with various stakeholders the requirements of the future process will be established. The involved stakeholders can differ from employees from one or several departments within the organization to representatives of multiple companies that have decided to collaborate under a joint agreement.

Once the requirements are documented, the Detaco consultant will start designing a new process. During this step important factors such as regulations within the organization, legislation, automation, optimization and compliance will be taken into account.

Based on this initial design the first round of review sessions will take place. The before mentioned stakeholders can then criticize the draft version and ask questions on it, so this initial version can further refined.

Depending on the complexity of the process and the number of details that have to be further optimized, it could happen that there will be multiple rounds of review sessions organized. This will lead to an optimal solution in which the requirements of the employees and the rules of the procedures are properly represented, and this will form the foundation of the new process.

The consultant will compile a document in which an advice on the development of the new process is extensively described. This could be accompanied by the Detaco process consultant also taking charge of the full implementation of this process within the organization. The tasks that could then be taken care off by the consultant are guiding the technical development, documenting the process and providing training to the employees on this new process.

We would like to elaborate further on the possibilities for your business in a personal conversation.

For a detailed description on one of the projects that was executed by a consultant of Detaco, please click here. You will find a step-by-step approach on the development of a process, including the achieved results.